Billboards have littered our streets for quite some time, particularly along the highways and Zouk Mosbeh. The Minister of the Interior Marwan Charbel has comissioned that the unlicensed ones be removed, and this process has started. Yet, there are still far too many along the highways and side streets. Many of these are unlicensed.  

These billboards distract drivers, are an eyesore, and are bad for the environment because they increase the amount of construction and contribute to urban congestion. Luckily, this one of the few issues that is actually being addressed by the government. That said, this still a problem.

My fellow Lebanese, this is a problem that we too can participate in solving. By not using this form of advertising, we too will help our country. We can advertise online, in newspapers, in magazines, and the like. Ours was once “Lebanon the Green” and “The Paris of the Middle East.” Let’s do what we can to improve it!