Hello, everyone. It’s your Green Patriot. Part of protecting our environment involves our consumption of goods. Indeed, the use of eco-friendly products is often better for us and better for the environment. The question is: how do we identify eco-friendly products?

I am sure you have all seen the “recycle” sign before. It is often on the back of cans, bottles or packages that indicate that their companies are eco-friendly and/or that their products can be re-used or recycled.


If you see that sign on the back of a product, chances are it was made by an eco-friendly company and/or it can be recycled (aka the packaging is plastic or aluminum, etc). When buying paper products, try to buy them from companies that create their products from ecologically managed forests; Kimberly Clark (producers of Huggies, Kleenex, and Kotex) is one such example. It is important to buy eco-friendly products; in doing so, you encourage eco-consumerism, help the environment, and help your country. Another tip is to buy products that have minimal packaging around them; in this way, you reduce waste when you unwrap the product.

Another aspect of eco-shopping is knowing what types of products and materials are eco-friendly and those that are not. For example, pesticides are not eco-friendly; even when you throw them away, they leak into the water systems. Glossy magazines are not eco-friendly, as the paper is treated in such a way that it cannot be recycled. Styrofoam is not eco-friendly either, for it cannot be recycled, nor is it biodegradable.

Best of luck, Lebanon! We can conserve our environment and take care of our country if we want to. Let’s do it!