Hello all…it’s your friendly Green Patriot. Did anyone watch Marcel Ghanem’s “Kalam el-Nas” on LBC the other day regarding the state of cleanliness of our food? If so, then you probably know what I know: we need some help.

As it turns out, we fertilize our fruits and vegetables with sewer water. Yes, we do. We also let our fertilized soil bleed into our drinking waters. Indeed, 60% of all of our water is polluted. We eat these fruits and vegetables, and feed them to our kids. We have invested so little in our country in this domain that the number of people who have experienced food-poisoning is increasing each year; this year to over 500 when only two years it was less than 100 (the numbers were indicated on the show, should anyone want to reference). What are we to do?

What we need are better ways of dealing with water waste management. Fortunately, such technology is available. Membrane Bio-reactor (MBR) technology combines a biological reactor with advanced membrane filtration, and it is the most advanced biological treatment option available. It is also the most eco-friendly option available. The mechanisms of this technology are aerobic in principle, and combine the advantages of activated sludge and other biofilm systems. These are used to remove Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Chemical Oxygen Demand, and Nitrogen Waste from water streams. These  facilities are in operation worldwide, and are even used at the industrial level.

My fellow Lebanese, we deserve better than to pollute our own country, eat polluted food, and then get sick. Our country, once called “Lebanon the Green”, is in danger. It is time for us to take action. We have methods of technology. It is time to lobby to bring them here, and save both our environment and ourselves.