Hello, my fellow Lebanese; it’s your Green Patriot. I’d like to share my thoughts on Green Patriotism.

Our nation is awesome. It’s got beautiful history, beautiful climate, educated people, great food…we have it all. We still have some beautiful environmental spots that show what our nation is capable of. That said, as a people we have always fought for our sectarian survival; “Christian, Druze, Sunni, and Shi’ite survival.” The results of this only plunge us into deeper political conflict. These “survival tactics” lead us to two civil wars; one from 1956-1958, and the other from 1975-1991. And here’s the fun part; no one won. Hmm.

There are no Christian or Muslim symbols on our flag. Need I remind you what our flag looks like?


It’s got a Cedar tree in the middle of it. What our country is famous for.

In many ways, the problems of our country are so enormous that they make us want to give up hope before we even start; political unrest, national debt, regional upheaval, socio-economic disparities…you name it, we have it. Yet, this is the easiest (and probably most beneficial) way to be a nationalist and save your country. Can anyone argue against protecting the environment? That it doesn’t need our help? That regardless of our religion, we can do things to help our country survive?

Helping the environment takes far less energy and anger than demonstrating in the streets, attending political rallies, and more. It starts at home and with our personal habits. Go ahead, plant something on your balcony. Conserve water, electricity, and gas and save yourself some money. Reduce your waste and reuse the materials you can. Buy eco-friendly products. All of these will save you time, money, and help the environment with almost minimal effort.

Lebanon is our home, it is our heritage. It is our nation. Let us fight to make it the best that it can be, one step at a time.