These two areas in Lebanon sound like a strange combination in one title. After all, what could they possibly have in common?

Environmental problems.

In Zghorta, there is a plan to create an incineration plant for garbage close to where villagers live and their farms. These people were lied to, originally told that the construction site was for a cardboard-building factory, then later a chocolate factory.

As for Burj Hammoud; there is an enormous and toxic landfill in the area. Mind you, Burj Hammoud is a residential area. This is irresponsible, toxic for citizens, and bad for the environment. Landfills release filthy odors that cause disease and sickness. In addition, it takes hundreds of years for the garbage in a landfill to decompose, and in the process will do more harm than good when there are more effective ways of treating waste.  

These are being carried out by the government. Although the residents in Zghorta have filed a lawsuit, the outcome is thus far undetermined, and as for Burj Hammoud, it appears as though there is no action being taken.

The saddest part about all of these problems is that they are so simple to solve. These problems can be solved by the immediate cessation of what is going and by improved methods of solid waste treatment. One of which I have discussed again and again; recycling. A complementary process is creating compost out of organic garbage; food and plant material. This turns into rich fertilizer which can be used for our farms. 

My fellow Lebanese, I urge you all to lobby against this injustice. What is happening to both our people and our country is unacceptable, especially because we are aware of better alternatives. We deserve better!