Hello, Lebanon. It’s me, your friendly Green Patriot. Did you all just watch the news? If you did, you probably heard what I did; there is a 10 million dollar plan to create a gas pipeline from Iran to Lebanon. This project will take five years to complete.

My fellow Lebanese, regardless of your political affiliation, it is no secret that resources affect a nation’s independence. This is one of the reasons renewable energy resources are so important; we are less dependent on other nations if we have our own sources of energy. In addition, if we use clean energy from renewable sources,  we limit the amount of waste we produce and do not pollute. We can protect our environment, and take care of ourselves politically. There is no going wrong with sources of renewable energy.

At the level of the individual, we can do this by way of installing solar panels for electricity and solar water-heating systems in our homes. These save money, the environment, and energy. For more information on solar energy heaters, follow this link. http://www.energysavers.gov/your_home/water_heating/index.cfm/mytopic=12850

To find out where in Lebanon you can get solar power devices, please follow this link: http://energy.sourceguides.com/businesses/byP/solar/byGeo/byC/Lebanon/Lebanon.shtml

Interestingly, using renewable energy in your home pays for itself in a few years; you actually save money. The reason for this is that although the initial installation can be expensive, you are no longer paying nearly as much for the use of utilities. In addition, the price of utilities is going up. As such, on a financial level, environmental level, and even a political level, investing in a renewable energy source for your house makes sense.   

At the level of policy, if we truly plan on being independent, then it is time for us to develop sustainable renewable energy. If we stay at the  rate that we are now, with only 4% of our energy coming from renewable sources, we will never be able to assert our position as an independent nation. We declared that 20% of our energy would come from renewable sources in 2020, but we are clearly below target. We can do it, Lebanon! Our country is a prime climate for renewable energy, particularly solar energy; ours is typically sunny Mediterranean weather. Indeed, it is usually sunny 300 days of the year. It is time for us to advocate for the development of renewable energy. Given the different environmental NGOs and parties that are available (I will not list them, so as not to appear partisan) there is a platform for our voice. We can do it!