Hello, Lebanon. It’s me, your friendly Green Patriot. Did anyone see the news tonight? If so, you heard exactly what I heard; politicized comments starting to emerge regarding our electricity.
 As many of us know, our parliament passed a bill in August of 2010 which calls for the creation of a treasury and a committee to oversee the exploration and oil drilling in Lebanese waters. Currently, the maritime borders of Lebanon, Israel, and Cyprus are being studied by the U.N. for this purpose; to decide to the water and economic rights of each country. It is essential that each country know its rights and borders.  That said, this process is getting hairy. Minister of Energy Gibran Bassil went to Damascus, Syria on Tuesday. Yesterday he was asked as to whether or not President Bashar al-Assad requested that Lebanon “grant the priority” to a Russian company interested in Lebanon’s oil resources. He replied that President Assad did not ask him about this at all. 
Where the truth of the matter is we do not know. What we do know, however, is that oil drilling can have devasting effects on the sea, on marine life, and is a not a renewable source of energy. We also know that our energy problem is becoming politicized, and that foreign intervention in this matter, be it by Syria, Russia, the U.S., or anywhere else,  will not improve our situation. What we need are clean, renewable sources of energy that come from our own nation. Do we need more political bickering? Do we need more foreign intervention? Do we need more environmental pollution when we have a source of renewable energy right under our noses? 

Lebanon, WE HAVE WHAT WE NEED. We have the potential to use solar energy! If an individual installs solar energy panels, the device pays for itself in five years, and then you start to save money. You no longer need a generator, or pay as much for electricity. In addition, if this is widespread and publicly implemented, we spare ourselves the politicized problems we are facing regarding energy. More and more people are installing solar panels, and are better off for it. It is time for us to invest in our own clean resources. We can do it, Lebanon!!