Hello, Lebanon. It’s me, your friendly Green Patriot. Did any of you see the news tonight? If that’s the case, then you just heard what I heard; the price of gas is about to go up.

Lebanon, we are facing a financial crisis. The prices of everything have gone up, be it gas, taxi cabs, food, entertainment, clothing, etc. That said, our minimum wage is still the same; 500,000 L.L., or $333 monthly. The estimated monthly expenditure of the Lebanese is over $1,000, and thanks to the future elevation in gas price, it will increase further. Think about it…how many cars do you use in your house?

Lebanon, how do we deal with such inflation? We trim where we can, and we economize. Luckily, we can use methods such as carpooling and using public transportation to cut back on our gas bills, and help out the environment. In addition, when we are on the road, we can plan our trips in advance in order to avoid unnecessary driving, which will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and limit in the insufferable amount of time we spend on the road. Although this will not solve the problem of price inflation, it will at least give us a way to trim our bills, and help the environment!