Hello, Lebanon. It’s me, your friendly Green Patriot. Guess what happened to us? Yet another widespread fire destroyed large areas of agricultural lands. This time it was in Southern Lebanon, in the villages of Nsarieh, Jernaya, Kfar Shellal, Kfar Bit and Kfar Melki. The fire burned for five hours,  destroying large areas of forest, fruit, and olive trees. This is the third major fire of the year.

Granted, we had people from the Civil Defense as well as private volunteers pitch in to help contain and stop the fire. But my felow Lebanese, we need to find a way to stop these fires before they start. While some of these fires start spontaneously, without “human help”, most of them do not. I have already gone over the amount of long-term environmental damage that these fires do, and what it will take to rehabilitate the land. For this post, I would rather focus on what we can do to prevent these fires.

My fellow Lebanese, let us avoid smoking outside and putting the cigarette out on the ground; that could start a fire. Let us avoid putting flammable chemicals outside, as these could interact with any heating source–even the sun–and start a fire. Let us avoid burning our garbage, as the fire could spread. Let us clear all green brush when we want to use fire for recreational purposes, such as setting up a barbecue or for camping. Even fires as small as these could easily get out of hand. Let us avoid using fireworks in green places, and make sure that we use fire responsibly and with caution. This has been our third major fire this year. How many more do we need? Let us work together for our own personal safety and for the sake of our enviroment. We can do it, Lebanon!!