Hello, Lebanon. It’s me, your friendly Green Patriot. Today I bring pleasant news. We have 250 brave volunteers to congratulate for their clean up the Litani river! They removed household, industrial and organic waste from the river over a two day time frame, and in total cleaned 2,000  m2! 

We have the “Operation Big Blue Association” to thank for this.  Nor is this the first clean-up initiative they have undergone. They tackled the Abu Ali River in North Lebanon, and continue to carry out environmental projects that do our country good. For more information about this organization, please follow this link: http://operationbigblue.org/

Lebanon, this act of citizen participation is proof that we can make a difference in our community and that we able to effect positive change. I have heard people use the lame excuse “This is Lebanon” and shrug off our social ills, as though we are passive in our society and reforming it is beyond our control. This is simply not true, and this initiative is proof! Think about what we are capable of. If we invest our time and skills into our nation, think about what we could achieve!!! Let us follow suit and help rehabilitate our environment. In doing so we take care of ourselves, our health, our families, and more. We can do it, Lebanon!!