Hello, Lebanon. It’s me, your friendly Green Patriot. I have good news to report. You know how our air is often polluted because of our over-use of cars? Guess what? A group of eco-conscious youth initiated a car-free Sunday two weeks ago in the main street of Mina, Tripoli. These youth promoted environmentally friendly vehicles that were showcased during the event.

My fellow Lebanese, this is a great initiative. It shows that our youth are awakening to the problems that plague our country on the environomental level. To me, this indicates that we as a people can come together and work for the improvement our nation. These are a group of people who are not simply shrugging and saying “this is Lebanon” and not doing anything about it. Lebanon, let us tip our hats to these youth and congratulate them on their initiative.

Cars are a source of heavy pollution in our country, and eco-friendly cars would be a huge source of environmental relief for us. They would also be good for our health, as inhaling these pollutants causes respiratory problems, cancer, skin rash, headaches, and more. For more information on eco-friendly cars, please follow this link: http://frugallygreen.org/an-explanation-of-eco-friendly-cars/