Hello, Lebanon. It’s me, your friendly Green Patriot. If you watch the news with any regularity, then I’m sure the title of this post makes sense to you. BankMed launched a series of environmental awareness ads of people doing environmentally unfriendly things (throwing trash on the ground, causing unnecessary air pollution while driving, etc.), and when those who are doing these things are confronted by people who are bothered, the response is “shu, we2fet a3layeh?” This sentence implies that poor environmental habits are widespread throughout Lebanon, and that those who practice them are neither the first nor the last, so it makes no sense to try and get involved. The polluters then get a taste of their own medicine when someone else does it to them (throws garbage on their car, pollutes the air so badly that they cannot see or breathe, etc.), and receive the same response in turn when trying to confront the perpetrator.

First, I’d like to tip my hat off to whomever designed these campaigns. The idea that “everyone does it, so don’t complain when I do” is perhaps the most contagious in our little country.  And it has dire  consequences. Allow me to illustrate as to what the “everybody does it” mentality leads to:

Pollution in Our Sea:

Pollution On Our Land:

We do a great job of taking care of our land, don’t we? My fellow Lebanese,  is this what we want to live in? Is this the type of environment we want our kids in?

I didn’t think so. So yes, it starts with us. We can’t constantly blame others for our problems and not do anything about them. It’s time for us to be the positive change that we want to see. We can do it, Lebanon!!!