Hello, Lebanon. It’s me, your friendly Green Patriot. Do you remember when Gibran Bassil promised us 24 hour electricity? When he said that we wouldn’t need to rely on generators anymore? When he said we wouldn’t have to pay two receipts for power? Well, guess what.  We’re still paying two receipts, and the amount is about to go up. Those who run generator companies plan on raising their prices; mind you, we already pay $100 per five amperes.  So, my fellow Lebanese, how do you feel about that ?

I sincerely doubt that any politician will successfully deliver 24 hour a day electricity to us. Sadly, given our endemic corruption, that seems like too much hope for. Instead, for our own sakes, I propose using solar energy instead. The price of generators is going up, and it is not cost efficient or environmentally friendly to continue to use them. We might as well switch to clean solar energy which pays for itself in five years, saves us money after that, and doesn’t pollute the environment. Can we trust them to provide for us, anyway?