Hello, Lebanon. It’s me, your friendly Green Patriot. I’ve got more good news to share with you. A company called Contra International has launched an environmental initiative in Lebanese schools called the “Zero Waste Act.” Essentially, students are to segregate waste so that much of it can be recycled. Although the means are simple, the plan is ambitious and is good news for the environment. Contra International states that this waste management program will divert over 25% of waste that typically ends up in the garbage by 2013, and 50% by 2015. Nor will this plan stop at Lebanese schools, either. Phase two of the Zero Waste Act will target commercial institutions such as banks, hotels, restaurants, companies, and other related industries.

My fellow Lebanese, this initiative has great implications. Not only will this help our environment, but it is also a sign of corporate responsibility. Furthermore, participating in such initiatives at a young age may clue our children in on the fact that it’s not the job of maids and janitors exclusively to clean up, but that they too are responsible. Lastly, it’s proof that we are taking responsibility for our environment and trying to build a better future for ourselves. We can do it, Lebanon!!

For more information about this, check out their website: http://www.zerowasteact.com

Alternatively, email them at: info@zerowasteact.com