Hello, Lebanon. It’s me, your friendly Green Patriot. I’m sure everyone here is familiar with BETA…the Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization. This NGO takes care of animals that have been abused, stray animals, and those that have been abandoned. Indeed, they shelter these animals, feed them, and rehabilitate them. BETA also finds new homes for these animals. This is a great initiative, and I fully endorse it. For more information on this organization, please follow this link: http://www.betalebanon.org/n_news.asp?news_id=423

Sadly, a lawsuit has been filed against the BETA shelter by the municipality, and they are being threatened with eviction from the shelter in which they house and treat the animals. My fellow Lebanese, this is the only organization in Lebanon that takes care of abused animals. If you have information as to where they can relocate (affordable land), or are willing to make a contribution to their critical financial situation, please do so. You can contact them at:  http://www.betalebanon.org/n_contactus.asp