Hello, Lebanon. It’s me, your friendly Green Patriot. If you’ve been watching TV, then you’ve seen BankMed’s public service announcements. Minister of Environment Nazim el-Khoury appears in some of these, encouraging people to stop littering and reduce car usage in an effort to reduce fossil fuel emissions. Other public personalities also appear on these, encouraging us to replenish our once-green environment by planting flowers or other plants that are easy to maintain on our balconies, and using solar power as opposed to generators.  

Firstly, I tip my hat to BankMed for its environmental awareness campaign. Well done! However, what I would also like to emphasize are the benefits that these small changes in our behavior can do. 

Carbon Dioxide and Soot are the top two contributors to global warming.  A reduction in these through limiting our car usage, carpooling, and more would limit the the acceleration of global warming that our country has witnesses over the past few years.

A cessation of littering has obvious benefits. If we throw our waste where we are supposed to and handle it properly, this leads to less soil pollution and water contamination. This gives us a cleaner and healthier habitat in which we can live. Moreover, it is also positive for us psychologically to live in a clean space. After all, how happy would you be if your home were to be covered in garbage? 

Planting on our balconies and/or rooftops is of enormous help. Plants produce oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, a process which improves air quality. Given that our air quality is very poor, this is of immediate significance.

Lastly, the use of solar power is important  in that it reduces the reliance of non-renewable sources of energy and reduces the amount of carbon dioxide and soot that are the product of generator power. This means that we can conserve resources and improve our air quality. In addition, solar panels pay for themselves over the course of five years and after that, you will start to save money. 

These are good tips which I highly recommend. We can do it, Lebanon!