Hello, Lebanon. It’s me, your friendly Green Patriot. I am sure that you are all aware of the car bomb that took the lives of over 20 people yesterday, and injured at least 284 in Ruweiss–a Hizbullah stronghold in Lebanon.  The group claiming responsibility is  “Brigade of Aisha, the Mother of the Faithful.”  They threatened further attacks against what they called “Iranian targets” in Lebanon. Minister Marwan Charbel suggested that it was a suicide bomber. Another suggestion is that the car was detonated remotely. We don’t know–and frankly, I would be very surprised if any arrests were made or if we were to ever find out the details.

I won’t claim to know if this group is Lebanese Salafist, Syrian Salafist, the alliance therein, or anything else. I do know this, though–we are self-destructing. Our socio-political implosion is the worst that I have ever seen. Haven’t we had enough of this, Lebanon? Did the years from 1975-1991 mean nothing to us?

Are we so wrapped up in our political ethos that we are doomed to continue to kill each other, force our country into chronic political instability and poverty, blame the “other” for it (whomever the “other” is), displace our own people, ruin our neighborhoods, build concrete shacks, destroy our habitat, and desecrate our country? Is that what we have turned into? I started this blog under the impression that we need to leave a better country for our kids–but don’t we also need to leave better kids for our country? 

Let’s take a look around us, shall we? Our civility has eroded. It shows in our environment, in how we treat each other, in our callousness towards political violence, and in how hardened we have become. When I discuss this with others, many suggest emigration as the solution. How is leaving the country a solution to the country’s problems? It’s an escape for those who can leave, yes. It doesn’t help the country at all. 

We need to stop this, Lebanon. I don’t know how to make armed politically dominant groups to come to reason, think outside of themselves, look around, and see what they are doing to each other and to us. But if we as a people are to survive, this needs to stop. We need to rally around a common cause–the reconstruction of our country. This is one thing that would unite all of us. And God Almighty knows that we need it.