Hello, Lebanon. It’s me, your friendly Green Patriot. If you live in Beirut or parts of Mt. Lebanon, then I am  sure you are aware of that our trash has not been collected for the third day in a row. The reason for this is that there is an ongoing protest concerning the overuse of the Naameh landfill. Originally designed to accommodate 2 million tons of waste, it now carries 10 million tons. Believing that enough is enough, residents of Naameh, surrounding villages, and members of environmental NGOs are conducting a sit-in at the dumpsite. The sit-in around the landfill blocks Sukleen trucks from being able to dump their garbage. As such, Sukleen trucks have decided not to collect their trash until the government makes decisions about waste management.

In the meantime, Al-Nahar captures what our streets look like:  Image



My fellow Lebanese, neither situation can continue. Join me in pushing our caretaker government to create sustainable waste management options. We already have several solid waste management plants that are not operational–let us open and use them. We have some recycling companies–let us capitalize and expand on them. Our trash has reached emergency levels, and it will continue to do so if action is not taken.