Hello, Lebanon. It’s me, your friendly Green Patriot. If you watched the news tonight, then you saw footage of our once-beautiful Nahr el-Kalb. It is completely flooded with sewage, garbage, bottles, litter, and more. According to those who are close by, this once pristine waterway now smells so much that it prevents sleep and comfortable daytime activity. Disease-spreading parasites also buzz around the area, posing health risks for those who are close by. 

Much of this garbage comes from Jeita, Zouk Mosbeh, and other surrounding areas. Enough is enough. Heavily polluted waterways lead to soil pollution, higher rates of cancer, increased rates of parasite-spread disease, polluted crops, and more. For once and for all, our waterways are not garbage dumps. Interestingly, our local government officials are remaining tight-lipped about this issue.

We must advocate for improved methods of trash disposal, and educate our citizens on how to dispose of their waste effectively. We have 12 rivers in Lebanon, and we treat them like the sewers that they are not. It is completely unacceptable to simply flood our waterways with untreated trash. Let us fight for positive change for once. We can do it, Lebanon!