Hello, Lebanon. It’s me, your friendly Green Patriot. It’s been an interesting few days–last winter we had the worst drought in 140 years, and now our streets are flooded. Unless, I miss my guess, these are the effects of climate change. Yet, we are doing nothing to accommodate for them–or even use them to our advantage.

My fellow Lebanese, rain like this should be harvested and kept for later use. Last winter’s drought could very easily happen again, and without water trade policies, we will be in big trouble. Having to trade in water will make our already fragile country even more reliant on external powers not only for natural resources, but also to their own economic shocks. Should anything happen to their resources, or should they decide to stop trading with us–what’s our plan then?

Lebanon, let us use this time to our advantage. Let us harvest this rain. Let us use this water for our home use. Let us use it for our summer vegetables, fruits, and more. We need this, Lebanon.

The best part of this is that we can do it easily. Water harvesting involves placing a water catchment system on the roof, (usually in the form of barrels, and then having it dispersed for a) household use b) drip irrigation c) kept for storage later Check out this diagram: